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We were asked by SAM (Staff Absence Management) to create an animation to introduce their innovative on-line software in a fun, friendly and concise way. Having devised the brand we were ideally placed to produce the video, knowing the product and client company as we do.

The intention was to explain why SAM was created and what it can do for clients, in a very simple, quick and fun way. We wrote the script, storyboarded the video and then went on to hand draw and animate the story.

The finished video was screened at a conference and the feedback was excellent. The animation allowed SAM to really stand out and the message it conveys is simple and clear.

What we did

  • Script writing and storyboard
  • Hand drawing characters and assets
  • Animation and post production

To find out more, take a look at this video case study.

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What our client said

“The animation worked and looked brilliant. It was very different to the rest of the presentations and I could tell it got everyone’s attention and most importantly got the message across. We got a lot of leads following the conference and people were very complimentary of the presentation.”

SAM (Staff Absence Management)

About SAM (Staff Absence Management)

SAM is an online information management tool providing schools with an easier way to manage staff absence. It saves thankless hours of inputting and helps report and monitor like never before.

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